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  • Matt records and engineers his own demos (and keeps them current)

  • Matt finished narrating and engineering his first audiobook in January 2018!  Violet's Mountain, by LA author H.D. Knightley.                 

  • Links to listen/purchase: Audible.com, iTunes and Amazon

  • Referred by Robert Pine (Gunsmoke, CHiPs, Frozen) to Kalmenson and Kalmenson (LA)

  • Took two sets of classes at K+K under Steve Staley (IMDB top 20 animation voice actors)

  • Studied drumset and recording at University of Miami (FL)

  • Comfortable recording/engineering in Logic Pro X

  • Very versed in RX 7 Advanced (professional audio editing)

  • Can play drums/piano and read music 

  • Went to state competition sophomore year of HS for Radio Speaking (youngest to do so)

  • Worked at Apple for over 10 years (fixing devices, teaching, developing others)

  • Has a love for video games and how a great VO effects the overall immersion/enjoyment

  • Has deep passions for cooking, food, music and technology

Full DAW Capabilities

Matt has familiarity with engineering and a quality signal chain.  He can tastefully use EQ, compression, etc and master if needed.  Of course he has no problem with sending an untouched voice track!


  • Logic Pro DAW

  • RX 7 Advanced (audio editor)  

  • Apogee Duet 2  

  • Assorted Waves, Slate and Tokyo Dawn Labs Plug-ins  

  • Assortment of large diaphragm condenser mics  

  • Mogami mic cables  

  • Record up to 24bit/192k  

  • Share files through iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc

  • Any file format from AAC, WAV, MP3, AIFF, etc. 

  • All of Matt's demo material is self-produced.  He also created and maintains this website

Flexible Rates

Matt knows each project is unique, so please contact him below for rates.  He has no problem working with you to meet your needs!  An expected time table can be set up as well.

Can accept ApplePay, Venmo, PayPal and can email invoices through Square.

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